Parkes was announced as the first Special Activation Precinct, an initiative that takes advantage of business development opportunities and employment growth offered by the east-west rail line and the Inland Rail project.

The precinct will have a focus on sustainability as Australia’s first United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Eco-Industrial Park, where businesses will work together to achieve environmental, economic and social efficiencies through onsite energy generation.

The challenge

After Parkes Shire Council’s Special Activation Precinct Master Plan came into effect on 12 June 2020, six sub-precincts were identified as key sites in line with the project’s strategic environmental impact and economic development aspirations.

PSC engaged Circulr to develop a high-level strategy, outlining key circular economy principles and expectations to guide strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and procurement in relation to the eco-industrial park.

The solution

We developed a high-level Circular Economy Strategy which will espouse the key circular economy principles of the eco-industrial park.
We conducted a desktop review of the different definitions and principles informed by international best practice.
We developed a strategic framework for compliance, outlining key steps which Parkes needs to take in order to meet UNIDO eco-industrial park requirements
We led a workshop with Parkes' team to provide an overview of the strategy and introduce the guiding principles of eco-industrial parks.


The strategy provided direction on the actions to deliver the various opportunities and initiatives of the Special Activation Precinct. It documented the baseline position, bringing together the various pieces of work completed to date. The workshop provided a model for circular economy workshops moving forward, particularly for external stakeholders, interested collaborators and potential park residents.

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