Parkes Shire Council has undertaken to upgrade their Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant as part of a once-in-a-lifetime overhaul of Parkes urban water supply and wastewater scheme, including constructing a new water recycling facility. The Parkes Water Infrastructure Renewal Project will future-proof water security for the Shire by addressing recurring water shortages, ageing infrastructure and climate change, with a total value in excess of $100m.

The challenge

PSC approached Circulr with help in obtaining various environmental approvals and for assistance in coordinating technical studies, stakeholder consultation, independent peer reviews, public exhibitions, and Council endorsement. It also sought support in achieving an ‘Excellent’ rating through the Infrastructure Sustainability Council ofAustralia (ISCA) for the project.

The solution

We provided strategic environmental advice in the areas of planning, risk assessment and policy, as well as adviceregarding approvals, permits and licences.

We upgraded sections of Parkes' EnvironmentalManagement System, including management plans and policies.

We reviewed and managed the contractor’s environmental compliance.

We developed an environmental incident response plan.

We undertook and developed on-site environmental inspections and audits.

We assisted with developing a submission for an IS rating.


With our support and advice, PSC was able to improve its environmental performance and achieve two NSW environmental awards, the Blue Star and NSW Local Government Excellence. The sustainability audits and independent advice also resulted in overall improvements in theProject EMS and improved sustainability outcomes.

Parkes expressed that the Circulr team went

“over and above to get the job done”, and appreciated that we brought our“environmental ethics and values on sustainability to work with us”.

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