The Winton Solar Farm project involves the construction of an 85MW solar farm in Winton, Victoria. The solar farm will be constructed with panels mounted to steel modules on a single axis tracking system, electrical transformers and inverters, electrical wiring, telecommunications equipment, electric control structures, employee parking area, perimeter fencing and access gates, and security lighting arrangements.  

The project will be connected to the AusNetnetwork via the adjacent Glenrowan Terminal Station.

The challenge

FRV approached Circulr for assistance with a range of key project deliverables. We were tasked with ensuring that all environmental compliance obligations – as communicated in the plans endorsed by Benalla Rural City Council – were met by the Engineering Procurement and Construction contractor, and that FRV was kept informed of any significant environmental issues identified through our work on the project.

The solution

We set up an arrangement to undertake quarterly audits during the construction of the project.
We develop and deliver an Audit Report for each quarterly audit.
We regularly meet with FRV and the Contractor to discuss the progress of environmental compliance improvements and document any items requiring further attention.


Our quarterly audits have ensured the environmental compliance of the construction phase of the project, providing FRV with peace of mind. We have made understanding and maintaining compliance requirements manageable by collating over 200 requirements into an easy to use format.

Overall, we helped FRV institute consistent audit practises such as the use of audit program, audit plans, and checklists for accountability which continue to generate recommendations and improvement opportunities.

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