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Climate change is certainly one of the forerunners of ESG concerns for our clients operating in infrastructure, energy and resources; and we understand this. Hence why net zero strategies are rapidly emerging as a popular response to the perceived and potential environmental and sustainability regulation plus corporate governance obligations driven by investors and the community.

Net zero refers to achieving a balance between greenhouse gas emissions produced and removed from the atmosphere. When people talk about achieving ‘net zero’, a strong emphasis is being placed on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector via renewable energy. Although this is an important step forward, decarbonising the energy sector will only tackle half of the global world’s emissions.

Achieving net zero is only part of the solution to our climate change crisis. We need to balance mitigation with adaptation – that is, adapt to a changing climate whilst ensuring we reduce our emissions. Is your organisation just planning for a carbon footprint or have you considered climate resiliency?

We offer climate consulting solutions to help organisations and governments get ahead of this challenge and future-proof their products, services and operations.

How we can help

Our climate change deliverables include:

·      Climate change risk assessments

·      Carbon neutrality certification (via ClimateActive)

·      Circular economy strategies

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