What even is "IS"?

Sustainability accreditation such as infrastructure ratings are rapidly gaining momentum, not only because to survive in an increasingly competitive operating environment, organisations and governments need to understand the environmental and social aspects of their operations, but because sustainability rating tools are now commonplace among development approval compliance conditions. That is, whether welcome or not, large infrastructure projects in many states across Australia are legally required to assess their project’s sustainability performance under the ISC rating framework.

Infrastructure sustainability ratings are not for the faint hearted and can place enormous stress on project managers already tasked with coordinating the design and construction of a project within onerous environmental and social legal requirements. Sustainability benchmarking on top of environmental compliance requirements can feel too much. Furthermore, such sustainability benchmarks are often communicated poorly or misinterpreted simply because time is not available for a proper understanding of the risks, benefits and opportunities presented.

This is where we come in...

We have spent years decoding the ISC infrastructure sustainability ratings and our director has had the privilege to be on the panel of verifiers since 2017. This has given us a unique insight into all things wonderful and challenging when it comes to infrastructure sustainability ratings. We have developed a tried and tested approach that delivers a good result while managing time and budget risks. We will let our project experience speak for itself.

How we can help

Our infrastructure sustainability deliverables include:

·      Strategic support for Infrastructure Sustainability ratings

·      Independent Sustainability Professional (ISP) reviews

·      Sustainability auditing

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